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License Training Mendig

Driver Training for german race driver license grade nat. A

Apply for your DMSB race driver license nat. A

These Training is designed for Rookies to learn race rules in Theory and practice, but also suitable for drivers who wats to know their car better and train their driving skills. The 2,2 km long circuit (close to the Nuerburgring) is perfect to train as it has extremly wide run off areas without gravel trap or guardrails.

To prepare for the theory seminar and the exam, you can learn at home with our online learning tool (german language only)

The training starts with an extended Theory (german with english translator) about german regulations in motorsport and a written test.

After that, it will continue on the track with sections about cornering, driving on the limit, Guided Laps and a training for the race start. Finally theres a long free driving session

Cars: Own participant cars street legal or race cars,for race exhaust regard noise limit!
Rental Cars on request for extra charge available.

Airbase Mendig
599,00 €
booking now10.08.2024
booking now19.10.2024