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DMSB modifies Permit Nordschleife Regulations

The German Motorsports Association DMSB has modified the rules for the Nordschleife in 2016. For novices, the conditions were simplified. The Permit B can still be acquired by a driver training for pilots with international race driver license grade C or higher. For further information about Permit training dates follow the link below: Another possibility beside a driver training to attain the Permit Grade B is to join one RCN run (single starter) or two RCN run (if you share a car), additional you have to pass the online learning and participate in a trackwalk. Rookies with a national race license or an international race license grade D have to do three RCN runs, with a result within 75% of his class (instead of 50% last year). After that, you have to pass the Online Learning and a trackwalk with instructors. Check out our q&a about the nordschleifen permit: CODE60 - Yellow flags On suggestion by the drivers society the rules for yellow flag zones are modified. The speed is now reduced in two steps: 1. Step Double yellow = 120 kmh (75 mph) 2. Step yellow + Code60 flag = 60 kmh (37 mph) The second decrease to 60 kmh should only be used by the marshals in case of big hazards, i.e. marhals working on track or track is partially blocked. E-Learning Every driver has to pass an online learning quiz when applying for the permit every year. This quiz has 10 multiple choice questions and will make sure that everyone is updated about new rules and regulations. Extension of Permit duty The permit is mandatory from now also for Youngtimer Races and RCN Race "Schwedenkreuz", the RCN runs (called "Leistungsprüfung") and historic cars (according to FIA appendix K) are still without Permit Check out our q&a about the nordschleifen permit: Link to DMSB information "Permit Nordschleife"