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Race Navigator and Motorsport Akademie - New partnership in motorsport

With this cooperation we have the chance to support race drivers from the very start of their career, to train them to be fast and most importantly safe pilots, says Marek Zuchowski. RN Visions CEO and Christopher Bartz announced the new cooperation between RN and the Motorsport Academy. Bartz, owner of the Academy and its Head Race Instructor, is excited about the project: We can now provide participants with the perfect training in the aftermath of the license course. The partnership will start with a license course that will take place on 20 May 2017 at Racepark Meppen. For the first time, RN Vision will be at the site and equip the cars with RN ONE Race Navigators. The participants get a first glance at how professional data recording and analysis is done today, explains Jörg Sommer, Head of Marketing with RN Vision. Bartz, who uses the Race Navigator system in his own races, adds: As a bonus, all participants will receive fantastic video recordings of their laps in HD-quality. A comprehensive, multi-module program for the course participants will be offered. License course, data analysis, targeted driver coaching. The Motorsport Academy will be responsible for the license course. Bartz and his team have years of experience and train participants in Meppen, Mendig and on the Nürburgring. Meanwhile, RN Vision will record data with its Race Navigator systems and will show to the participants how easy it is to analyze the data. In the next step, RN Visions racing team RN Vision STS enters the scene. We have created a special driving training, where we show pilots how to react correctly in extreme conditions, explains Marek Zuchowski. Professional instructors will conduct the trainings in a safe environment. RN Vision and the Motorsport Academy a cooperation that turns rookies into fast and safe drivers.